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Treasures found today…

We went to the Westfield Book Show today for the second year.  Last year, I scored those lovely books on Egypt shown earlier.  We didn’t get much at first, only a couple of books for Pa that didn’t add up to the price of admission.

On the way out I noticed a table that was being run by the Chautauqua County Historical Society. SCORE!  We bought a ginormous Bible that is probably 1870s or so, and several parts of a Chautauqua County 1867 atlas, which is almost complete, sans cover.  I picked up a couple of books on the Civil War, Pa some local history and Beth a book of colored bird plates.  Almost ready to go and I see a ledger propped along the wall that said Company Descriptive Book.  I figured it was for a company.  It is a muster book from the Civil War!  Unfortunately there are pages missing, which likely held all the writing.  But I’ve included some pictures of it so you can see what it looks like.  There is some stamps inside that say something about the Inspector in Cincinnati.  It is really quite fascinating… knowing that our ancestors likely were placed in a register just like this when they enlisted or were drafted into the Civil War.

Sorry for the size  of the photos, but I wanted to show the text.  We paid $100 for everything that we bought this morning.  After traveling to Dunkirk to do some sales, and lunch at El Azteca (yum!) we decided to go back to the Book Show to see if they by chance had a couple of books we shouldn’t have passed on (one was Memoirs of Rappahannock, which I should have bought) but that was gone.  We were going through the table of books left, and they told us that everything was half off.  So we started putting together a pile, and them they said “Everything on the table – $10!”  We couldn’t pass that up.  So we got a couple more cool books, and some smaller things.

Here is a set of pictures from Peterson’s Magazine, most of them from 1879.  They have so many wonderful lithographs and “fashion plates”.  Some of the best things about these old magazines is the advertisements.

Hip Fashions!






Scandalous 20 piece bathing suits!
Awesome old advertisements for bicycles

Think I’ll stick with the old-fashioned way… calling a doctor.

What’s for dinner tonight, honey?  Why, shredded codfish, love muffin!!  MMM MMM good.

Well, that is all for now.  I’m sure all two or three of you who read this are thoroughly bored and haven’t even made it to this point.

Oh yeah, I bought a belated birthday gift as well… this fabulous sterling and onyx scarab ring to add to my collection of scarab jewelry 🙂  Too bad my photography skills produced a not so fabulous picture.

Ok.  Enough.  I release you from this torture now.


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And now for something new… and old!

Here is my first attempt at a gallery.  This is one of my prized possessions.  Well, 2/3 of my prized possession.  This is the 1883 edition of Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians by Sir J. Gardner Wilkinson.  I, unfortunately, need volume 1.  But I am positive I will never find it in the condition of these two volumes.  Loaded with illustrations and amazing woodcuts, plus numerous fold outs, both black and white and in vivid color.  I adore these books.

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