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Read: Athena Project by Brad Thor

Sure, every covert operation is ran by gorgeous women of the utmost intelligence.

A thrilling page turner, Brad Thor’s Athena Project seems like a complete joke at first.  The women of the elite task force are so beautiful, it’s almost comical.  But eventually, you understand that beauty will get you almost everything, and these highly trained women are the best at what they do.

A new menacing terror is being unleashed on the world, and the women of the Athena Project are sent to sniff it out.  The terror is some part of an unholy scheme discovered and unleashed by the Nazis, one that hurls individuals through time and space and plasters them against the wall of the opposite portal.  But this time travelling gadget is being used to hurl bombs on the innocents of the world, and the girls of the Athena Project race against time to save the day.

Having never read a book by Brad Thor, I enjoyed the intrigue, detail and history involved.  The girls in the book were likable, and in the end you could imagine that such a group of women could exist and the fate of our world could be in their hands.  Just another day at the office.

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Read: Austenland by Shannon Hale

Ok.  Confession time.  I read the synopsis for this book and thought “how utterly brain-dead I must be to read this.” But after having just finished a rather heavy and involved Philippa Gregory novel (The Other Boleyn Girl), I decided I needed to be brain-dead for a while and read some mindless dribble.

Jane (oh please, seriously) is completely obsessed with Jane Austen.  She’s tired of searching for her own Mr. Darcy in push and shove New York City.  Fate would have it, her bat-shit crazy aunt leaves her an all expense paid trip to an Austen obsessed lovers dream – Austenland – a theme park in England where love-sick Janes can immerse themselves in all things Austen.

Suddenly surrounded by equally batty Austen fans, and smuggling her forbidden cell phone on the grounds of Austenland, Jane decides the extremely hunky gardener (who is naturally below her status) is worthy of some boinking in the hay, between watching his smuggled TV in the gardener’s shed.  But soon Jane discovers that she is truly looking for a Mr. Darcy, and suddenly, the pretend Mr. Darcy at Austenland is beginning to look like a dream come true.

In the end I did enjoy this book, with all it’s quirks and cliches.  It was perfect to refresh my mind after the extremely heavy (and enjoyable) Boleyn.  Recommended for a lazy summer afternoon of mindless enjoyable reading.  And damn it, I may just have to see the movie, now that I hear it is being made, although unfortunately directed by that Twilight woman.  I hope Mr. Darcy doesn’t sparkle.

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Read: Serving Crazy with Curry by Amulya Malladi

I love intriguing covers and titles of books.  They will draw me more than any summation on the back flaps will ever do.  Serving Crazy with Curry by Amulya Malladi has both.  I love food – no small secret since I am overweight.  And I am likely slightly crazy.  So this is a wonderful combination for me.


Successful Devi has lost her top notch job in Silicon Valley.  Pressure from her mother to become a good Indian wife is not helping.  So Devi decides to do the only thing that seems practical to her.  Fill the bathtub with water and slit her wrists.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, her meddling mother decides to pop in for a visit and discovers her naked daughter in a tub filled with blood soaked water.

Something strange has happened to Devi since her suicide attempt.  She is cooking wacky Indian food… non traditional takes on traditional Indian food… and not one member of her family understands, but they certainly aren’t complaining.  Except for her mother, who does not understand her daughter’s need to invade her sacred kitchen and neatly arranged spice jars.  Any why has she not spoken since the night of her accident??

As Devi’s past slowly catches up with her, she discovers what hasn’t killed her, just might make her stronger.

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