Thalassa Ali Trilogy

09 Jul

I downloaded A Singular Hostage by Thalassa Ali without really knowing it was the first novel in a Trilogy.  I soon discovered different, and nabbed the other two books, A Beggar at the Gate and Companions in Paradise.

This fascinating series of books begins in 1838 in India before the British Invasion.  Young Mariana Givens is thrust into a strange world when she becomes involved with a young child.  The child seems to hold a magnificent power of the Maharajah, and anyone he encounters.

Mariana begins to sympathize with the native people, and through the series develops a relationship with the young child’s family… and most intriguingly the child’s handsome, quiet father.  Through a strange twist of fate, Mariana becomes caretaker for the young Saboor, and married to his father.  While attempting to dissolve the quick marriage, danger and intrigue surround the young miracle boy, forcing Mariana to continue to care for the boy, and more importantly, care more deeply for his father than she ever imagined.

These books were quite interesting, as I did not know a great deal about the British invasion of India and the surrounding areas.  Very rich in history, and beautifully written, I thoroughly enjoyed this series of books, and look forward to what Ms. Ali publishes next.

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