Read: Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin

09 Jul

Oh boy.

I will admit to having to put this one down a couple of times, as the scenes were quite disturbing.  But wow what a novel.  Ariana Franklin’s Mistress of the Art of Death is as dark as the English countryside she depicts.  The novel is chilling, full of twists and turns, and a surprising amount of romance spattered in between all the gore and horror.

In a Middle Ages English town, Christian children are being brutally mutilated and murdered.  Naturally, the finger points to the Jewish community.  Because of the amount of taxes received from the Jews, King Henry I arranges for the best “master of the art of death” – basically an autopsy expert.  Little did anyone expect that the master sent would be Adelia – a mistress of the arts of death.

Adelia travels to England with her companions, a Jew and a Moor.  She quickly becomes a target of the brutal monster defiling children and terrorizing the countryside.  In the end, she finds her own life on the line and she must use all of her power to save herself and others from the horrors of a madman.

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Posted by on July 9, 2011 in Historical Fiction, Read


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