Read: Austenland by Shannon Hale

09 Jul

Ok.  Confession time.  I read the synopsis for this book and thought “how utterly brain-dead I must be to read this.” But after having just finished a rather heavy and involved Philippa Gregory novel (The Other Boleyn Girl), I decided I needed to be brain-dead for a while and read some mindless dribble.

Jane (oh please, seriously) is completely obsessed with Jane Austen.  She’s tired of searching for her own Mr. Darcy in push and shove New York City.  Fate would have it, her bat-shit crazy aunt leaves her an all expense paid trip to an Austen obsessed lovers dream – Austenland – a theme park in England where love-sick Janes can immerse themselves in all things Austen.

Suddenly surrounded by equally batty Austen fans, and smuggling her forbidden cell phone on the grounds of Austenland, Jane decides the extremely hunky gardener (who is naturally below her status) is worthy of some boinking in the hay, between watching his smuggled TV in the gardener’s shed.  But soon Jane discovers that she is truly looking for a Mr. Darcy, and suddenly, the pretend Mr. Darcy at Austenland is beginning to look like a dream come true.

In the end I did enjoy this book, with all it’s quirks and cliches.  It was perfect to refresh my mind after the extremely heavy (and enjoyable) Boleyn.  Recommended for a lazy summer afternoon of mindless enjoyable reading.  And damn it, I may just have to see the movie, now that I hear it is being made, although unfortunately directed by that Twilight woman.  I hope Mr. Darcy doesn’t sparkle.

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Posted by on July 9, 2011 in Fiction, Read


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