Short stories by M. Pax

08 Jul

I took the opportunity to read three very different short stories by M. Pax.  The first I read was Plantgirl.  This is a classic underdog story, and shows great potential to be something more.  I was left with wanting to know more about how Ba ended up where she was and what her future held.  A quick read, but worth it.  You can download Plantgirl for free here.

Next I read Translations.  This is obviously more my speed, with an archaeological theme to it.  An intriguing quick read that proves the old adage that “love will find a way”. Again, this was a great start to something that could be expanded, and gives a glimpse of what the author is capable of.  Translations is available here for free.

The last short story is called Small Graces.  I will start off by saying that I am not a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi writing.  I never have been one to watch any of the space shows on TV or get too interested in the genre.  I knew going into this that it would be sci-fi, but to be honest, I thought it was good.  There was enough action and emotion in it to keep me connected, something I rarely experience with science fiction.  I did have some trouble visualizing the lead character, but that is more likely to my ignorance of most things sci-fi.  I did feel like I wanted a bit more out of the story.  Decide for yourself and download Small Graces here from Smashwords for free.

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