Jackdaws by Ken Follett

08 Jul

My venture into the world of WWII historical fiction started with this book.  Jackdaws by bestselling author Ken Follett is another fast-paced novel of how a covert group of women helped change the course of the Normandy invasion during WWII.

Battle hardened leader Felicity Clariet, known as Flick, leads a ragtag group of women into one of the most dangerous areas of WWII Nazi occupied France.  After her follows a group of women which includes a murderess, a titled lady who begins a lusty lesbian affair with a dimwitted blonde, a veteran bar woman who just happens to be an explosives expert, and a cross dressing homosexual nightclub superstar… who happens to be the key to blowing up the all important communications hub that the Nazis are running in a Northern French town.

Dieter Franck is a top-notch Nazi intelligence officer.  He will go to any means to interrogate a person whom he believes is detrimental to the Nazi regime.  From the first time Franck crosses paths with Flick in a small square before an explosion, he is suspicious, and intrigued.

Flick and her merry band of misfits are led through an amazing ordeal and it takes it toll.  As their numbers dwindle, it becomes ever more important to finish the task at hand… and to stay out of the reach of the dangerous Deiter Franck.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly, and loved reading how the women of England stepped forth to help fight for their country.  Based on the true stories of the Special Operations Executive agents of World War II.

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